Therapeutic Exercises Videos

Use of These Videos Should Only be Under the Direction of a Veterinarian or Animal Physical Therapist.  Do not perform any of these exercises without a prescription.


Shoulder Rockers and Sways

Hip Rockers and Sways

Iliopsoas Massage and Stretch

Passive Range of Motion Pelvic Limb (After TPLO Surgery)

Three and Two-legged Stands

Iliopsoas and Sartorius Stretch and Massage- Small Dog (i.e. MPL)

Nie-Fa Cat

Hanging traction- cat

Tui fa

Backwards Walking

Biceps Retraction Test

Serpentine Curb Walking

Cookie Stretches in Sitting

How to Express a Bladder

Laser Psoas


Doggie Push-Ups

Cookie Stretches in Standing- All Directions

Foot Work

3-Legged Stands

2-Legged Standing Diagonal


Forelimbs Raised, Rhythmic Stab, Head in a Box

Withdrawal Reflex

Weight Shifts Over Peanut Followed by JT Compressions