“When Otis began physical therapy to treat biceps strains and arthritis, he was lethargic and depressed. We saw improvement in his mobility and attitude after just a few visits. After working with Dr. Fein and her staff consistently for several weeks, we were able to get Otis to a place where he was happy and active again. Otis is a senior, and the change in his quality of life for the better has been dramatic.”

– Sarah

“I took my fourteen year old Sheltie to Dr. Fein after being referred to her by my vet. My dog Callie was suffering from arthritis and stiff joints, which was making it hard for her to walk. Dr. Fein worked one-on-one with me to teach me different physical therapy techniques that I could do at home. She came up with treatment plans and recommended supplements that have helped Callie feel so much better. I have seen a major improvement in Callie’s health and happiness since working with Dr. Fein.”


“My 12 year old Husky-mix is pain free and living life again.”


“Ranger is still doing well- still stretches to reach things, steps over barriers, and jumps up on things that he used to have to pull himself up on! I think motivation has been a big thing for him — he is motivated to stretch up to reach the drawer his treats are in, and he is motivated to jump up on some stacked boxes so he can get himself outside into his enclosure. Helps to have a great reward! Thank you.”

– Andrea