Our Team

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Rehabilitation (RMVR) provides rehabilitation and pain management services to restore and maintain your pet’s quality of life. We offer a holistic view of your pet’s health, identifying particular challenges that can be solved by considering all care options: Traditional veterinary medicine (surgery, medications, and more), combined with Eastern and integrative approaches that look at complete body systems and how to improve them.

Led by Dr. Karyn Fein, our staff builds trusted relationships with your family to develop custom treatment plans administered in-office with daily home care that results in the best outcomes. Our plans treat your companion with an eye towards maintaining a lifetime of good health.

Advice + Compassion
We also serve as compassionate care advisors. Oftentimes, health options feel limited. We support your pet post-trauma or surgery, and offer non-surgical management therapies when appropriate. Senior pets get the attention and care needed to feel and function better during their golden years while pets with cancer or chronic disorders can find relief.

Our Goals for You + Your Companion
Beyond your pet’s renewed comfort and mobility, our goal is to help you assimilate information from your primary care and veterinary specialists to help you make the best decisions for your family. We work as attentive case managers, maintaining regular communications with both you and them about your pet’s health.

Karyn Fein, DVM, CSCS, CCRT, CVA

Karyn Fein, DVM, CSCS, CCRT, CVA

Founder and Lead Veterinarian

When health options for your pet feel limited or overwhelming, Dr. Karyn Fein offers hope and optimism paired with expert knowledge in animal rehabilitation therapy to begin healing your furry friends. She develops custom treatment plans that integrate Eastern and Western veterinary medicine practices, bringing your pet much-needed pain relief and an improved quality of life.

Dr. Fein leads Rocky Mountain Veterinary Rehabilitation (RMVR) as the ultimate case manager, patient educator, and liaison with your primary and specialty veterinarians, helping you make the best decisions for your family. She believes that caring and effective communications yield the best results. At the end of every RMVR visit, you will have the confidence that your pet is on the road to wellness.

Dr. Fein launched RMVR as one of metro Denver’s first-ever mobile rehabilitation practices after working in emergency and general practice. The practice moved into its current location in October of 2020.  Outside of work, Dr. Fein enjoys mountain life with her family (husband Dave, two sons, and dog Maddie).

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Studies (TCVM): Tui-Na, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Acupuncture, Food Therapy
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Chi University

Reiki Practitioner
Usui System of Natural Healing

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT)
Canine Rehabilitation Institute

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
National Strength and Conditioning Association

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
North Carolina State University

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
University of Maryland

Karen Gertson, CCRA

Karen Gertson, CCRA

Rehabilitation Assistant / Operations Manager

Karen is a highly-skilled veterinary technician who conducts follow-up care under the supervision of RMVR’s veterinarians. She is also a steady force within the practice, making sure that everyone is familiar with their pet’s home care programs. She is also a keen listener of both animals and their humans: How is a pet parent feeling about their dog’s progress today, and what level of home exercises can be balanced within any family’s busy schedule?

Karen has worked in animal care environments for more than 20 years, embracing a wide range of functions from business management to hands-on rehabilitation therapy. She first saw the power of rehabilitation care while working at a Colorado-based manufacturer of customized veterinary orthotic braces and prosthetic solutions. She learned quickly that the innovative devices used to improve pet’s mobility required physical therapy to maximize their benefits and decided to dedicate her energy to this segment of animal wellness.

Karen has participated in dog agility competitions for decades which has given her a front row seat to the critical importance of maintaining and increasing mobility for dogs of any age or physical condition.


Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant (CCRA)
Canine Rehabilitation Institute

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Angela Radder, CVT

Angela Radder, CVT

Client Services Manager


Angela’s decision to become a Certified Veterinary Technician and focus on physical rehabilitation came from several career and personal developments. While at the University of Wisconsin, she studied Therapeutic Recreation where her practicum experience encompassed hospital-based work with stroke patients. She had also had physical therapy treatments for her own good health, and had a keen understanding of its efficacy. Later, she experienced the benefits of veterinary rehabilitation first-hand when her beloved dog, Lambeau, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy: She needed help with urination and began knuckling due to reduced nerve sensation. Angela found her Lambeau’s therapy results to be effective over time, extending her life for a longer, more comfortable period.

Upon moving to Colorado, Angela served as a general practice Certified Vet Tech at Boulder Veterinary Hospital where her mentor was a vet acupuncturist interested in holistic care. She saw acupuncture’s benefits immediately. At RMVR, she is most interested in rehabilitation programs, acupuncture, TCVM’s chiropractic-style treatments, and shockwave therapy for pain relief.



University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse

Madison Area Technical College

Certified Veterinary Technician, Bel-Rea Institute

Janet Pink, CCRVN

Janet Pink, CCRVN

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse

More than 15 years into her career as a corporate marketing data analyst, the numbers just weren’t adding up. When Janet took a long view of her professional life, a personal happiness inventory directed her towards something she’d long considered: caring for animals.


Janet loves working with dogs and teaching their humans the physical rehabilitation exercises that will help heal their pets such as increasing mobility if they’re experiencing a limp or providing the post-surgical care required to rehabilitate a knee. She helps clients understand that progress can be slow but rewarding over time. She’s enthusiastic about treating geriatric patients.  It is rewarding to see the benefits that come from improving their quality of life, including a reduction in pain and for many, an expanded life expectancy.


Prior to joining RMVR, Janet moved through primary veterinary practice and canine rehabilitation. She also worked at a nationally recognized provider of pet mobility products, including custom knee braces and leg prosthetics to support animals missing limbs.


Janet is always looking for additional learning opportunities and plans to continue course work in integrative medicine.


Janet and her partner of nearly 40 years, Rick, are golden retriever enthusiasts who also enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and exploring the bounty of Colorado’s many breweries.



Certification in Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nursing (CCVRN)

Canine Rehabilitation Institute


Associate of Applied Science

Community College of Denver


Master of Science, Marketing

University of Colorado, Denver


Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

Iowa State University